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Alcohol-Free Bachelorette Party Ideas

Alcoholic drinks are something that any party shouldn't miss to have. Drinking is a big part during parties and so as during a typical bachelorette party. To get married calls for a bachelorette party for the bride, and the said event can give reason for the bride to booze it up just what the groom is expected to do during his own bachelor party. However, if in case a certain bachelorette party calls for a non-alcoholic celebration, there are plenty of ways that can still make the party wild without any drop of wine, beer or hard liquor around.
  • A pajama party getaway to a swanky hotel. Make a reservation for favorite chick flicks, order delicious menus and play some bridal shower games. Trivia about the groom and bride can give a big laugh to everyone. As the night gets rowdier, maid of honor can playfully roast the bride-to-be with silly games or other fun activities.
  • A day at spa or massage parlor. Wines have no room for this idea. The bride can unwind together with her bridesmaids and maid of honor at spa, where there are talented masseuse that can work out all the body's inch. Playing a background music can be very perfect too. Just make sure to include spa treatments and wardrobes like spa bridal party shirts, slippers and robes.
  • Party at amusement park. A thrills at amusement park can kick off the celebration. Laugh and scream while on a roller coaster ? a good way to release bride's wedding jitters. Bring camera or video cam to capture fun and crazy moments.
  • A getaway party to a fondue restaurant. Dipping delicious strawberries into hot dark chocolates can be very tempting. A fondue restaurant is a great way to celebrate a bachelorette party with sumptuous menu, no alcohol required.
  • Party with an expert psychic. The bride and all her girl friends can enjoy an evening of tarot card reading or palm reading with a psychic. Ask some leading question, like how many children will the couple have and other question that can be related to couple's married lives.
  • Reminder: Party favors and gifts are still needed. Whether the party is alcoholic or non-alcoholic, shower gifts and favors for your attendants can be an additional fun to the party. Whether it is a favor boxes, personalized tote bags, purses or clutch bags, the most important thing is they aren't forgotten.