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Baker Checklist-Wedding Cake

_____ Ask to see pictures of different wedding cakes
_____ What is the cost for different types of icing and fillings
_____ What is cost per person?
_____ How many servings per sheet? 12" , 14", 16" , 18"
_____ Round , Rectangular, Square, Heart Shape Sheets
_____ Can they recreate a cake from a photo?
_____ What is cost of miniature cake (2 tier, 3 tier) per person?
_____ Are there other types of sweets that can be substituted for wedding cakes?
_____ Does the cost include delivery and set-up?
_____ Do you provide Cake Tops?
_____ Is there an extra charge to decorate the cake with fresh flowers?
_____ Is there an extra charge for cake stands? (Usually Silverplated round stands)
_____ What is the deposit for the cake pillars and cake stands?
_____ What is the cake deposit requirement? What is the refund policy?
_____ When is the cake tasting consultation?
_____ How long have you been in business?
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