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Gift Ideas For Flower Girls And Ring Bearers

Gift Ideas For Flower Girls And Ring Bearers

Preparing a wedding is as exciting as the wedding day itself. It all started from the official engagement, then followed by setting the tentative date, time and place for the wedding ceremony and reception. All things should be done according to the plan. From the ceremony proper to exchanging gifts between the wedded couple and participants.

Children participants such as flower girls and ring bearers play a very important role during the ceremony. However, number of these participating children are limited only to couple's patience and resources, considering sometimes there are not too many in the family.

How to encourage children to participate on the ceremony? To offer a role of flower girl or ring bearer to a child is quite hard. Most brides are concerned about the role of these children's ages where they have to walk during the wedding entourage. Generally, children under the age of six are ideal for the role, but of course any age would do, the most important thing here is they are willing and can perform the role well. After all, their age range can be enrolled in different roles depending on the family circumferences the child's desire to participate.

But to truly encourage and motivate these children, think of sweet treats like candy canes, candy bars and chocolate as an ideal present for them

Sweet edible treats for these cute participants can be candy bars with attractive decoration. Or perhaps gifts that include candy canes and chocolate bars with toys. These are just few ideas that are enough to make any child participate actively. Edible gift ideas may also apply to make a tasteful wedding favors and gifts for wedding party and other events.

For older participants, fancy jewelries and personalized totes will do. Or might as well ask them directly for gift item they want to receive.

Whether these young participants have different age range, their gift doesn't need to be extravagant. Remember, everybody loves sweet edible treats ? candy cane, chocolates and candy bars are everyone's favorite, just add some colorful and fancy shape on these flavorful treat...and there you go, a sweet handful of goodies for little darlings!