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Jordan Almond Wedding Favors

You'd be nuts not to consider gourmet Jordan almonds as a wedding favor. Find the perfect complement to your wedding day celebration with these almond wedding favors. They're also ideal for other knot-tying events, including the rehearsal dinner, reception festivities and more. With melt in your mouth texture and just the right amount of crunch, candied almonds have been a celebration staple for generations. Add distinct flavor - literally - to your own wedding day with our selection of these picture-perfect nuts. Glamorous color options abound, allowing you to enhance both traditional and contemporary themes. Get creative with your Jordan almonds - try them in gift baskets, as a decor accent, in flower arrangements and elsewhere. These Jordan almonds represent a tasteful highlight for any wedding-related event. Colorful candy coatings are available, along with the classic foil-wrapped almonds. Sweet and oh-so sophisticated, these goodies are the ideal treat for your wedding guests at the reception. And they put a gourmet twist on bridesmaids gifts, too.