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Letter to our Customers

February 2004

To our Valued Customers:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be part of your lives during this very special and memorable period in which you plan your wedding day. Its been a 4 full years for us here at American Bridal Accessories under the Yahoo Shopping Umbrella - a phenomenal year in fact, thanks to all of you our clients and to our web masters Mike and Sue over at

We look forward to your continue feedback, your excellent ratings have put us into top service ranking within weeks of being part of this amazing portal, we will continue to strive to work harder in finding new products at value oriented pricing that will help all future brides in planning their wedding as well as returning clients looking for just fabulous gifts ideas for friends and family.

We have now reached over our 1000 feedback from customers, we thank you for taking the time to answer the rating questions, we would like to share some of the comments that customers have been saying about us (after they have already made their purchases)

Reasons why they have purchased from American

1. Great Prices - this has been consistently the most common feedback we've been receiving, obviously, no one website can claim to be absolutely the lowest price on each and every item, however, our customers have experience really great prices, good value and for most items that we carry we offer them at the best prices we can.

2. Engraving Services - for our personalization department, we offer the most option and best value for the cost of $3.00, while other sites might include free engraving, generally only 1 or less than 10 letters are allowed, while we offer on most our products up to 20 characters, in some cases even more.

3. Wide Selection - coming from a whole sale history, we have access to a wide number of importers and manufacturers that we are able to compile a great collection of bridal party gifts, we do special in silverplated and sterling gifts and because of this we can offer a good range of gift ideas at different pricing levels.

4. Shipping Time - our shipping time frame is standard to other online retailers, we generally ship out goods within 5-7 business days, not including weekends, since most weddings are pre-planned in advance we have some lead time to ship our goods, however, some of our brides are telling us that sometimes they accidently find our website or told by their friends about us that they suddenly find themselves placing orders for products that they might not have considered because they didn't think that they would find the items that they're looking for at the amazing cost that we advertised, so we always try to accomodate last minute purchases as well.

Now, we have our own thoughts about our strong points, and here is what we think:

Our strong points We have really really good pricing and wide selection on the following categories: 1. Tiaras and Veils 2. Bridal Jewelry 3. Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts 4. Unique products like Oil unity candles 5. Engraving and Personalization Services. 5. Cake Stands/Plateaus.

Our good points

1. Wedding Favors - wide selection - fair/competitive pricing. 2. Fair selection of bridal accessories like ring bearer pillow, guestbooks, garters, and penstands.

Weak Points

What weak points??? Just Kidding.

Perhaps we could expand our wedding favor supplies, such as more tulle styles and plastic containers and holders designs, here is the scoop on this issue, since we've been in business for 18 years, we have learned that we can't be all things to all people, we've also learned that we should concentrate on what our strong points, so over the years, that is exactly what we have strive to do, we don't claim to have the lowest cost on every single item we carry nor do we claim to have thousands and thousands of product all under one roof, its nearly impossible to stock every item produce that is wedding related, but we do make this promise to you our customer, we will filter out all the wedding related products and bring you the best items we find on the market at the best possible pricing and service.

Please send us your feedbacks and suggestions so that we may continue to provide the excellent service that you have come to expect and deserve.

from the all the staff and owners of American Bridal Accessories..... thank you!