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Personalized Wedding Pillow Candy Favors

Sweet and chic. Our affordable yet elegant pillow candy wedding favors add a refined touch to your wedding celebration. These candies come in your preferred text and color, allowing a creative, custom gift for each and every wedding participant. Simply add both first names and the wedding date - making your own wedding favors has never been so easy! They're available in unforgettable designs like the sun and moon, heart drops, epic romance, women of the 50s and more. Delicious and delicate, these personalized pillow candies come in unique flavors like Merry Berry Blue, Purple Fusion, Cherry Pits, Lemonade and Black Lavish Licorice. Ideal as after-dinner refreshers, the candies present each guest with a nice problem: eat now and enjoy, or keep as a decorative, delectable collectible. Each personalized pillow candy favor comes in a neat, clear plastic package to display each unique color. They'll be enjoyed by every wedding attendant, from young to old!