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Wedding Napkins

Wedding napkins are an absolute must for any wedding reception. Choose your favorite color and then personalize them with your names, date and a custom design available only at With over 28 napkin colors, 9 ink colors, 40 designs, you can create a wedding napkin that matches the style and colors of your wedding perfectly.

Your Wedding Napkins Created with Care

Creating a Personalized NapkinYour wedding napkins will be prepared by hand, imprinted by machine and created with care. After your order is placed a unique stamp will be created with your names, fonts and designs (as you have configured them here on the website). That stamp will then be used to imprint your details onto the color napkin you chose leaving you with a clean and neat finish.

All components to create personalized napkins are carried in house, making this one of the fastest items we can deliver to you! We encourage you to browse all of our available napkins and read reviews. Left overs make for great napkins around the house, consider ordering a few extra.

Our wedding napkins come in a few different sizes:

  • Beverage Napkins are 5" by 5" and make a fantastic place to sit down your drink.
  • Luncheon Napkins are 6" by 6" and best used for cocktail hour.
  • Dinner Napkins are 8" by 8" and perfect for your reception dinner.
  • Guest Towels are 8" by 4 3/8" and add give your guests an impressive way to dry their hands.