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Photographer Checklist/Questionaire

_____ What are the different wedding packages available?
_____ What time do you start?
_____ How late do you work during the wedding day?
_____ What is the overtime cost per hour?
_____ Is there a minimum time requirement?
_____ What are the sizes of the wedding proofs? 3x5 4x6 5x5 5x7 ?
_____ Are the proofs included in the wedding packages?
_____ What is the cost of the proofs if sold separately?
_____ Are the negatives included in the wedding package?
_____ What is the cost of the negatives if sold separately?
_____ How long does the photographer keep the negatives in storage?
_____ Can I have the negatives after x amount of years? After 3-5 years?
_____ Is the photographer personally going to shoot all the pictures?
_____ Are there extra charges if there is an assistant?
_____ Is the engagement photo included in the wedding package?
_____ What is the cost for an engagement portrait?
_____ What is the delivery time of the proofs from the wedding date?
_____ What is the final delivery time from the date the pictures are ordered from the proofs?
_____ Do you use black & white film?
_____ Is there extra cost to use black & white film?
_____ Do you use the Sepia (Brown like color) process? What is the cost?
_____ How many weddings have you done?
_____ How large of a wedding have you ever work on? (Number of Guest)
_____ Are you familiar with different cultural practices for wedding ceremonies? (Chinese Banquet Style Pictures) (Japanese Tea Ceremony)
_____ What is the maximum outdoor site included in the wedding package?
_____ Is there extra charge for travel time?
_____ Can you give me references from previous clients?
_____ Can I see photos of your of your work?
_____ Are there extra charges for Leather album?
_____ Are there extra charges for engraving for the albums?
_____ What type of albums?
_____ What style of photography do you take ? classic shots, double exposure, and artistic?

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