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Picking your Wedding Favors

Picking Favors

Favors add interest to tables, reflect the couple?s personality and give guests a keepsake from the wedding. Choose your favors well, and your friends and family will be talking about them long after the big day has come and gone. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Creating Mementos Julie of San Francisco says her favorite favors were small silver frames that had each guest's name inside, placed above each plate, so they also served as seating cards. Darren and Dao of Laguna Ranch, California, took this idea further and inserted photos of guests in frames for use as place cards.

Jennifer of Alameda, California, said at a recent wedding guests received a bottle of wine with a customized label about the couple.

Jayne of New Canaan, Connecticut, placed pear-shaped candles at each setting. ?The Perfect Pair? was printed on white ribbons, which were tacked in place with hat pins.

Carrie of San Francisco enjoyed the little silver bells on the tables, so guests could to ring in a toast or a kiss. At her own wedding, she put place cards in special clips, which people took home and used for displaying photos. ?It was important to me that the wedding favors could serve double duty for something else at the wedding, as well as how they looked with the rest of the decor.?

Celebrating Your City Many couples chose to showcase the city where the wedding took place. Denise of Elk Grove, California, says, ?We were living in Atlanta and getting married in San Francisco. Plus, many of our guests were from out of town. So, we decided to have Joseph Schmidt truffles, which looked like mini works of art, in bowls on the tables. People ate them at dessert. There was information about the SF-based chocolatier. Price was a factor and we couldn't find anything useful. They were a hit, though guests didn't take anything away. They just gobbled them up!?

One Golden, Colorado, couple gave each guest drink cozies engraved with the date, place and "Mike & Suzanne's Wedding in the Mountains."

Robyn of San Francisco went to another wedding where the chocolates were in the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars. She loved the idea that wedding favors should be edible.

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