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Tips And Ideas: How To Choose Wedding Unity Candle

A unity candle is commonly used during a traditional wedding. A lighted candle symbolize the merging of two souls formed by the holy matrimony. Though it isn't mandatory to have the lighting of unity candle, but most couple prefer to have this ceremony for guests to witness their enduring love towards each other. The unity candle ceremony is performed after the couple exchanged vows, but before the official marriage pronouncement.
    There are different types of unity candles to choose from. To narrow down the list, here are some helpful tips and ideas to be considered:

  • Choose unity candles that doesn't drip wax or produces smoke. Lesser imperfection of unity candles can make easy clean up and more better to hold. The goal is, unity candle should remain as good as unused after the ceremony, that make a very nice wedding memento.
  • Look for unity candles that appeals very special. A special unity candle doesn't have to be very expensive. What make this candle special is the message that it conveys. Consider decorated unity candles with bible verses or personalized unity candles that can give a significant impressive look during the ceremony.
  • To customize the unity candle, it can be done hand-made also. Creative way of incorporating different colors is enough to perfectly match this accessory with the wedding theme. Most wax unity candles have shade of white, so to further enhance its appeal, add a pop of color to turn its simple look into pleasant and vibrant appeal. Add extras like tied ribbons with hues that coordinates with the bridal bouquet.
  • Actually, the unity candle is a set of three candles. So to save money, consider to purchase one set of unity candle rather than buying individually. But for those who want to create their personal layout, buying complementary unity candle separately is not a bad option, where they have the chance to pick their favorite candle holders.
  • Apart from traditional candle, oil unity candle is best too. This type of candle is made from wick that can float in oil. This candle also come in different variety of oil colors and can be made personalized too.
Today, many wedding suppliers offer different choices for wedding unity candles, from simple to elegant. Other wedding accessories and decors that can are made from candles like candle favors are ideal to add accent during the wedding reception. Also, you may use candles to make a very nice wedding shower favors to end a successful party.