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Garters & Keepsake Garters

Part clothing accessory and part keepsake, the garter is an absolute essential for your wedding. Our selection of garters include every design imaginable, from traditional to trendy and everything in between. Lacy and racy, these garters show meticulous attention to detail and come in comfortable one size fits all format. Check out our impressive array of garters. Try our stylized, etched designs or choose a beautiful damask garter. Other garters include dazzling rhinestone accents, silky ribbons, precise motif arrangements and many more. Want to keep your own garter and send one airborne to the next bride-to-be? We've included some tossing garters just for that purpose! This item has been a wedding tradition dating back hundreds of years - add your own unique chapter to this illustrious story. These garters are made capture the excitement and unbridled joy that is your wedding day. Even years afterwards, your garter will remain a prized keepsake from the day you tied the knot. Browse this category and make your memorable selection today!