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Wedding Tips - Wedding Guest Gifts

Wedding Tips - Wedding Guest Gifts

Tip: Alternatives To Standard Wedding Favors

If you?re not interested in giving out standard wedding favors as wedding guest gifts, there are some alternatives to giving out personalized items or sweets. Couples traditionally give out wedding favors as a way to thank their guests for being a part of their wedding celebration. However, wedding favors don?t need to be pricey nor flashy to be appropriate. Here are some alternative ideas to the standard wedding favors.
  1. Donate to charity. In lieu of spending several hundred dollars on wedding favors your guests may consume in a day, leave behind, or throw away, donate an amount to charity in the name of your guests. You can commemorate the gift by placing a card at the seat of each guest, letting him or her know a donation will be made.
  2. Give eco-friendly favors. If you?re going to give guests a favor, you might as well give something that?s environment friendly. Gifts like seed plantings, a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree in the guest?s name, and the adoption of wildlife with the World Wildlife Fund make great socially conscious gifts.
  3. Donate your time. This is a perfect favor for small, intimate weddings. Give the gift of your time by pledging a coffee date in the future, an evening dinner, or an outing at the theaters.

Tip: Candle Wedding Favors For Every Kind Of Occasion

One elegant way to thank guests for attending your wedding is by giving away candle wedding favors. Candle wedding favors are a simple and affordable decorative piece guests will enjoy placing in their homes. And the best part? You can find candle wedding favors for every type of wedding theme.

Tropical Wedding ? For the tropical wedding, a beach theme wedding candle makes the perfect choice. A beach pail candle with a palm tree motif makes a sweet memento to light up guests? homes.

The Garden Wedding ? Planning your wedding in the outdoors among lush greenery? Take that theme one step further by giving your guest a floral candle. Candles decorated with orchids or calla lilies both make excellent choices.

The Winter Wedding ? For a winter white wedding, you need candles that celebrate the season. Your guests can go home with their own snowflake candles from the event.

Tip: Favors For Themed Weddings

If you?re planning a themed wedding, you?re likely looking for theme wedding favors that are a perfect match for your wedding concept. Themed weddings can be seasonal, such as a winter white wedding. Themed weddings can also be tied to locale, such as a Hawaiian wedding. For a list of ideas to get your started, read on.

The Vegas Wedding ? If you?re getting hitched in the city that never sleeps, opt for favors that go right with the theme of your wedding. Coasters with a poker theme make an attractive, yet appropriate gift.

The Asian Wedding ? A wedding reception with ten course meals needs an elegant gift to make it complete. Give your guests a gourmet fortune cookie contained in a dressed up version of the traditional take-out box. You can even have the cookies personalized with your own message.

The Beach Wedding ? Send your guests off with an adorable miniature Adirondack chair that doubles as a photo frame. Dress up the center of your reception tables with a ?sand box? and place the chair favors in the middle. Place starfish and colorful marbles in the sand box to complete the look.

The Destination Wedding ? Make a play on the travel miles your guests have logged by giving them something they can use on the trip back home. A destination wedding is the perfect event for chrome luggage tags in the shape of an airplane.

Tip: Favors That?ll Be A Hit At Wedding Receptions

There?s no getting around it. Decorum requires that wedding receptions have favors for all of your guests. However, rather than just supplying the requisite gift for all of your guests, why not give them something they?ll be more than happy to receive. Here are some wedding favor ideas that are sure to be a hit at wedding receptions.

Disposable Camera ? The guests will have a great time snapping away shots during the wedding reception. You can encourage guests to leave the camera behind and send out photos after the wedding or let the guest take home the camera to keep the pictures for themselves.

Chopsticks ? You can get decorative versions of these for an affordable cost. They?re a great memento that guests can use for the next sushi meal. Personalize each pair so guests can remember the day.

Wedding Day Cookies ? Don?t just give your guests any cookies. Get them hand-baked cookies in fun decorative shapes like a wedding cake, groom, or bride. Then package the favors up in an elegant sachet or favor box.

Tip: Get Creative With Wedding Favor Bags

Wedding favors on their own should provide your guests with a memorable item to treasure your wedding day. They should stand out as suitable gifts on their own, but by dressing up favors with wedding favor bags, you can turn virtually any gift into a visual delight. Here are three instant ways to dress up your favors with wedding favor bags.

For a petite sized wedding favor like a keychain or miniature photo frame, try a sheer organza bag to wrap around each piece. An organza bag is inexpensive, closes up in a cinch, and an instantaneous decorative piece for many different types of favors.

Planning on giving away seeds for your wedding guests to plant? A small floral gift bag might be your answer for a chic way to package it all up. You can find a felt version in bright springtime colors, adorned with a single flower.

For the elegant wedding where your guests will be receiving chocolates, try putting the delectable pieces in a colored ribbon gift bag. You can have your wedding commemorated on a card in front of the bag. The result is a simple, stylish wedding favor.

Tip: Gifts Your Guests Won?t Expect To Get As Favors Planning a wedding can be taxing on one?s creative energies. If you?re not interested in planning a run-of-the-mill wedding ? favors included, read on for some ideas on unique gifts your guests will be pleasantly surprised to get as favors. Treat your guests to a local activity. These favors work especially well if you?re planning a destination wedding or have a lot of out of town guests. Package up tickets to a local theater or send them on a complimentary trip to the local museum. Make your gift truly wedding worthy by packing it up in a wedding favor bag. Create personalized mementos. This isn?t appropriate for large parties, but if you have an intimate gathering, make sure each guest feels special by making each favor personalized. One way to do this and maintain the same theme is by getting identical favor boxes. In each, give away a framed photo, unique to each guest. Enclose a personalized message, poem, or story, specifically catered to each guest.

Tip: Sweet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Any fan of sweet treats would be more than happy to receive chocolate wedding favors. If you?re planning your wedding, you have a lot of choices for chocolate wedding favors to give away to your guests. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors ? Pick the perfect design to coordinate with your wedding theme. Personalized chocolate wedding favors can come in the way of chocolate bars or gold coins.

Truffle Wedding Favors ? Truffle wedding favors are just as divine to eat as they are elegant to look at. Package them up in an elegant box with ribbon for the perfect wedding favor.

Shaped Chocolate Wedding Favors ? Have chocolates for your guests that carry on the wedding theme. A container full of seashell shaped chocolates will be perfect for a seaside wedding. A box with chocolate butterflies is great for a garden wedding.

Tip: Wedding Favors For Under $5

Not all wedding favors have to be pricey to make great gifts. You can get affordable wedding favors that won?t put a big dent into your wedding budget. Here are some inexpensive wedding favors you can get for less than $5.

Bottle Opener - They make a fun accessory to use for your guests? bottles of wine. Choose a heart shaped version of the bottle opener if you want to carry along the wedding theme.

Linen Napkins - Linen napkins are an elegant way to say thanks to your wedding guests. You can get a boxed set of two with the word "Love" embroidered on each napkin.

Photo keychain - You can get an affordable photo keychain for under $5. Try a black leather version that?s sleek and sophisticated. To dress up your photo keychain wedding favor, add a decorative card commemorating the date and a brief note of thanks.

Cookie Cutters - Guests can leave the wedding with something to look forward to - making their own shaped cookies from their wedding favors. For a beach wedding, pick up a set of cookie cutters with the whole beach scene ? palm tree, dolphin, seashell, and starfish.

Tip: Wedding Favors That Will Grow

Wedding favors don?t have to be trinkets or edible items. You can also give away wedding favors that will grow after the wedding. They?re thoughtful gifts that guests can look forward to tending to. The plantable love bean is one wedding favor that will definitely surprise guests. They?ll be delighted to find a decorative hand painted pot containing a tiny bean. Give the bean a week and some tender loving care before it grows to a charming piece which announces "Love" right on the sprout. Seed kits are another popular option. Find them in heart shaped packages, bookmark shaped packages, and tin containers. Their decorative packages are elegant enough to place on any wedding reception table. Choose from a variety of types of seed kits including daisies and other wildflowers.