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Wedding Tips - Fathers of the Bride & Groom

Wedding Tips - Fathers of the Bride & Groom

Tip: A Traditional Toast From The Father Of The Bride

If you?re the father of the bride, you can expect to give a traditional toast to wish the couple well. In case you?re not sure how best to approach giving the traditional toast, here are a few guidelines to get you started:
  • As the father of the bride, guests will look to you to take a central role in the wedding rehearsal dinner. Make sure you put on a good show by being prepared. Thinking about and practicing what you?ll say during the traditional toast is always a good idea.
  • Speak from the heart. Guests and the wedding couple will appreciate a traditional toast from the father of the bride that expresses sincere thoughts and emotions.
  • Be positive. The traditional toast is not the time to bring up age-old disputes or insensitive stories. Remember it?s the wedding couple?s day and you want to keep the mood upbeat.
  • Keep it short. Although the traditional toast is your time as father of the bride to congratulate the bride and groom and perhaps offer some advice, spending just a few minutes to speak should be plenty of time to say what you want without overtaking the show.

Tip: Gift Ideas For Parents Of The Wedding Couple

Rather than giving separate gifts to moms and dads of the bride and groom, some couples may opt to give each set of parents a joint parents wedding gift. This gift giving option reduces the number of gifts to give, but still presents the dilemma of figuring out what gifts are appropriate. Coming up with gift ideas doesn?t need to be stressful. Check out some of our gift ideas for parents of the wedding couple before you get started on your shopping expedition.

Wedding Album ? Although you?ll have to wait until your wedding photos are ready in order to give this gift option to your parents, giving a wedding album full of pictures from your wedding day is a token to treasure. Parents will enjoy reliving memories from the wedding celebration.

Weekend On The Town ? If you?re moving out of town or into a new home, treat your parents to a future dinner date and a night out in your new neighborhood or a stay in your new home. They?ll appreciate the time to bond during a quieter time after your wedding. Make the offer official by printing an I.O.U. card and putting it in attractive packaging.

Pamper The Parents ? The wedding couple aren?t the only ones who get frayed nerves from wedding planning. Parents need stress relievers too. Pamper the parents by treating them to a couple?s massage at the hotel of your wedding reception or to a post wedding brunch just for two.

Tip: Great Gifts For The Father Of The Bride

The father of the bride may often view the wedding with mixed emotions. On the one hand, he?s celebrating a joyous occasion. On the other hand, he?s watching his ?little girl? move into a new phase of her life. To make sure the father of the bride knows he?s appreciated, we?ve put together some great ideas for father of the bride gifts.

Father of the Bride Cufflinks - Cufflinks make a special personalized gift that the father of the bride can wear on your wedding day. Get him a pair that denotes his special status as the father of the bride right on the cufflinks.

Family Name Book - Give dad a piece of family history by ordering an "Our Name In History" book. Dad will get to learn about the first settlers of the United States with his last name along with the origins of his family name and other fun facts.

Portable Lightweight Camera - On your big day, dad may want to record a few shots of his own of the day?s events. With a portable lightweight camera, he can record moments from your wedding and many other family events to come.

Tip: Honor The Dads At The Wedding

It's important not to forget the dads of the wedding couple during the big day. A lot of emphasis is placed on the bride, groom, and mothers of the wedding couple, making it easy to let dads fall by the wayside. However, you can make sure that dads aren?t forgotten during the wedding.
  1. Write an acknowledgment in the wedding ceremony program. Write a few words of thanks or dedicate a short poem to dads in the wedding ceremony program.
  2. Thank the dads of the wedding couple during the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is an intimate gathering that is a perfect forum for a public heartfelt thanks for both the father of the bride and the father of the groom.
  3. Make a toast during the reception. Short and sweet, a toast during the wedding reception to thank the dads of the wedding couple will be much appreciated.
  4. Give the dads of the bride and groom a well thought out gift. There are plenty of appropriate choices for father of the bride and father of the groom gifts. Personalized gift items or a post wedding lunch to recap the events and reconnect are both appropriate choices.

Tip: How To Keep Your Father Involved In The Wedding Planning

Wedding planning doesn't always involve keeping your father very involved in the process. However, there are ways to make your dad feel like he?s an important part of the wedding planning process. Here are some of them.

Narrowing Down The List - Got a list of four different bands, five different limousine companies, and six different possible venue sites for the wedding? Ask your father to narrow down the list for you by making phone calls, gathering information, and presenting you with information to fuel your different choices

Referee - Are wedding decisions between you and your mother getting heated or out of hand? If your father is levelheaded, let him cast his vote and be the tiebreaker when you just can?t agree on certain issues.

Wedding Day Chores - Whether it's helping to seal 200 envelopes, delivering the bridesmaid bouquets, or acting as chauffeur for wedding related activities, your father should be glad to pitch in every now and then just to be involved.

House Sitting Duties - Need someone to watch your place or take in the mail while you?re away on your honeymoon? If dad lives nearby, see if he?s willing to help out. He might actually appreciate being involved with the wedding planning and your life.

Tip: The Role: Father Of The Bride

The father of the bride is an all-important role in the wedding. Besides walking your daughter down the aisle during the wedding ceremony, you do have a lot of additional duties throughout the wedding. Here?s a list of expectations for the father of the bride.
  • Make a toast at the rehearsal dinner to congratulate the bride and groom and welcome the groom?s side of the family.
  • Stand in the receiving line next to the bride during the wedding reception.
  • Make a brief speech during the wedding reception to congratulate the bride and groom and perhaps offer some words of advice.
  • Participate in an official father-daughter dance during the wedding reception.

Tip: Toasting Etiquette For The Father Of The Bride

The wedding day celebration comes with its own set of complicated traditions and etiquette. For the father of the bride, toasting etiquette can be perplexing. If you?re a father of the bride and wondering if there?s any toasting etiquette you need to follow, read on to find out our guidelines.
  • In general, the floor is open to the parents, the bride, the groom, the best man, and the maid of honor, to provide a toast during the wedding reception.
  • It?s typical for the father of the bride to start the wedding reception meal with a welcome greeting for all the guests.
  • Wedding experts say a toast that?s two to three minutes long should be long enough to say what you need.
  • Keep the tone in line with the wedding ? upbeat and positive. It?s perfectly all right to add in sentimental anecdotes, however.
  • For the most natural father of the bride speech, avoid memorizing your lines, but create an outline of the key points instead.
  • If you?re worried about forgetting your lines on the big day, nothing in toasting etiquette prevents you from writing down your speech on a few note cards.