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Wedding Tips - Groomsmen Wedding Attire

Wedding Tips - Groomsmen Wedding Attire

Tip: How To Get The Best Tuxedo Fit

Making sure your tuxedo looks good on you requires taking the time to get properly fitted. If you?re in the dark about determining the best tuxedo fit, here are a few pointers to consider.
  • The tuxedo jacket should rest comfortably at your neck and shoulders. You should also be able to fasten it with ease. To make sure you have a proper fit, button up your tuxedo jacket while you're sitting as well as standing.
  • The tuxedo shirt should be comfortable around your neck, shoulders, and wrist. When worn with your tuxedo jacket, there should be " to " of sleeve extending beyond your jacket.
  • Check to see that the tuxedo vest lines up with your tuxedo jacket. The bottom of the tuxedo vest should extend just below your waistband.
  • A proper tuxedo fit includes comfortable trousers. Make sure your trousers aren?t binding when you sit down. Wear your trousers with your tuxedo shoes and make sure they cover about 1/3 of the shoe.

Tip: Money Saving Tips For Renting Tuxedos

A groomsman may very well shell out hundreds of dollars to be a part of your wedding. Between traveling, time off from work, planning the bachelor party, and renting the tuxedo, there?s a lot of money that goes out of his pocket. Help your groomsmen save some of his pocketbook by reading these money saving tips for rental tuxedos.
  • Get the group discount. Renting one tuxedo at a time generally won't get you any cost savings. However, when you rent several tuxedos from one shop ? often four or more ? you can garner a discount off the total rental. Even if a tuxedo shop doesn?t mention the discount, be sure to ask if you can save with a group discount.
  • Don?t bother with the rental shoes. The rental shoes are often stiff and uncomfortable anyways. If all of your groomsmen have their own pairs of tuxedo appropriate dress shoes, let them wear their own instead.

Tip: Renting Formal Wear For Groomsmen

While brides and bridesmaids typically purchase their own formal wear, groomsmen rent. Groomsmen wedding attire can run anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on the style you?re interested in and where you?re renting from. Major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco can have the priciest rental charges. In addition to the tuxedo, you?ll likely need to tack on the cost of renting shoes, which can range from $10 to $25. The best time to get your formal wear reserved for the wedding is three to four months before the wedding. This time frame is especially true if you live in one of the larger metropolitan areas. Smaller towns may have rental shops where groomsmen can rent formalwear a month or two prior to the wedding without any worries.

Tip: Tuxedo Attire Your Wedding Photographer Will Thank You For

It?s the job of the wedding photographer to snap the most memorable shots during the big day. But if you have your groomsmen outfitted in the tuxedo attire that suits them best, your wedding photographer will have a much easier time getting photo album worthy shots. Here are some tips on which tuxedo attire works for which kinds of groomsmen.

Tall and Slim - For the groomsmen who are tall and slim, just about any style of tuxedo will work. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure your groomsmen have sleeves and trousers long enough for their height.

Tall and Muscular - Groomsmen who are tall and muscular do best with clean lines. Choose a shawl collar for a less bulky appearance and choose dark colors to slim down the look. Avoid light fabrics and tails as these tend not to be flattering for the husky build.

Short and Slim - Choose a style that elongates the body. Tuxedo attire like a two or three button jacket which buttons low, will lengthen the body. Use classic tuxedo trousers or opt for a pleated version.

Short and Husky- This body type will photograph best in a single breasted jacket. Pick a jacket with a shawl collar and a low one or two button detail. Keep in mind that black has a slimming effect as well.

Tip: Tuxedo Lingo For the Wedding Vocabulary Challenged

If you don?t know what the difference between a morning coat and a stroller coat is, there's no need to worry. The verbiage for different aspects of the tuxedo can be quite complex and confusing even for many wedding veterans. Here are some of the basics, so you can talk to the tuxedo shop with ease.

Black Tie - Black tie refers to an all black ensemble of a tuxedo jacket, trousers, bow tie, and vest or a cummerbund.

Crosswyck - This new style of collar crosses in the front.

Dinner Jacket - A dinner jacket is a white, ivory, or novelty print tuxedo cut jacket appropriate for day and night.

Morning Coat - This daytime appropriate dark jacket is short in the front and long in the back with a broad tail and a single vent in the back.

Spread Collar - This collar resembles that of a business shirt collar in a more dressed up fabric.

Stand up collar - Groomsmen wear this hip, modern trend with a button cover or bow tie.

Stroller Coat - You?d wear a stroller coat in the daytime. It has a tuxedo jacket cut and is typically charcoal grey or black.

Tuxedo Jacket - This basic formal jacket comes in multiple types. Choose from single breasted or double breasted, in a various lapel styles.

Wing Collar - This most formal type of stand up shirt has collar ends that point downwards at the tip.

Tip: Where To Go To Rent Groomsmen Attire

If you're not sure where to go to rent your groomsmen attire, knowing what to expect keeps you in a much better position to find the best shop than pulling a name out of the phone book. In general, your best bet is to go to a local tuxedo shop on the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member. But just in case you need some pointers, here?s the scoop on the different places you can go to rent groomsmen attire.

Chain store formal wear shops ? With multiple locations across the country, chain store formal wear shops have the benefit of their own well known names to lure customers into their shops. Some of the better-known places include Men?s Wearhouse, Friar Tux Shop, and After Hours Formal Wear. Depending on which location you go to, you can find great service to appalling help ? within the same chain line. Check with the store you?re interested in to find out if they carry their tuxedos in stock and not just on a mannequin. Many don?t and require you to request a trial fitting where the tuxedo of your choice gets sent from a central warehouse.

Bridal shops - A number of bridal shops do carry groomsmen attire as well. However, you?ll likely end up looking at a catalogue to find your tuxedo of choice rather than a mannequin. The bridal shop is one place to find a bargain if your wedding party also purchases a bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses from the store as well.

Independent formal wear shops ? These shops have no affiliation with any of the big names. These shops are a good place to find quality customer service and a variety of styles. Depending on where you go, you may also find the price of rental to be a better deal than a chain store as well.

Tip: Your Guide To Selecting Groomsman Attire

Selecting groomsman attire is yet another decision for the bride and groom to make about their wedding plans. If choosing from cummerbunds and tailcoats is making your head spin, take a look at this guide for some suggestions on wedding tuxedos.

A Formal Affair - For weddings in a grand cathedral or a formal evening ceremony at an opulent locale, consider having your groomsmen in a full dress tailcoat jacket, matching trousers, waistcoat, and a bow tie.

A Semi-Formal Affair - For weddings that are semi-formal, such as a dressed up wedding in an outdoor garden, groomsmen can wear a tuxedo with cummerbund, and a bow tie. Your collar can be wing tipped, stand-up, or down. Vests are fine, but not required.

A Casual Affair - Throwing your wedding on a casual afternoon with just the waves and some flowers to decorate your celebration? The casual affair doesn?t require a tuxedo. Instead, you can have your groomsmen wear a formal suit with a vest and a four-in-hand tie.