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Wedding Cake Designs & Wedding Cake Ideas

How to choose one among innumerous wedding cake designs and ideas that are out there and also to keep wedding cake price at reasonable level?

Your wedding cake design should reflect your personal style and taste and should, of course, go well with the decor and menu of your reception.

Choose one among many different bridal cake designs, only after you have selected your dress, the place for the reception, the reception decor and colors, and anything el

se that may affect your choice of your wedding cake idea. You should try to select one of the wedding cake designs that will fit the overall theme and colors of your wedding and reception.

You could choose the cake first and make everything else match that, but that approach will probably be much harder. And after you slice and serve the cake, everything that was chosen to match it is still there but the cake is history. :-)

The bridal cake is the center attraction as guests arrive at the reception. Many will stand and admire the cake before taking their seats. Those who don?t will be stealing glances at it as they sit with friends and wait for the wedding party to enter.

Brides and grooms fool only themselves if they think that people care about the cake?s flavor and will not notice the wedding cake design and decoration.

Have no doubt that a unique bridal cake idea is remembered by many guests and can set your wedding ceremony apart from others. Many wedding pictures will feature the cake as well as the wedding party.

Aside from the bride?s glowing face and her beautiful dress, nothing says wedding like bridal cake design!

Unique wedding cake ideas may come form looking at pictures of other wonderful wedding cake designs. That way you will find a cake that will enhance your reception.

There are lots of approaches to take with wedding cakes, from traditional white or cream icings in traditional designs to totally non-traditional works of colorful artistry. Today, just about anything goes!

The wedding cake ideas today are so different than in the past. Designs are evolving to meet the needs of today?s couples. More and more we see couples choosing cupcake trees which is one of most original wedding cake ideas.

But some couples still prefer traditional fruit or cheesecakes for wedding cakes.

In any case, as you share your cake with friends and loved ones, the wedding cake tradition continues to symbolize the sweetness of life, love, fertility, and prosperity.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering your wedding cake designs or ideas:

How big is your budget, and how much of that should be spent on the wedding cake design? Will the cake be the only dessert or will it be one of many choices? How big a cake do you need? Not every guest will want a piece if you have other desserts or a meal.

Will wedding cake design and flavor complement your decorations and the rest of your menu? Today?s pastry chefs at cakery can offer nearly limitless wedding cake ideas and choices of construction, icings, decorations, and flavors.

How many tiers should the cake have and what colors should they be?

Should you have a unique wedding cake topper? Do you and your groom share a passion for motorcycles, cars, fishing, or something else that can be reflected in a miniature bride and groom atop your cake?

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Should your cake be a single flavor or should each layer have a different flavor? No flavor or filling is considered off limits for a modern wedding. You can dazzle taste buds with mousse-filled cakes, cheesecakes, fruitcakes, or pound cakes. Or you may choose a standard chocolate, vanilla, orange mud, or sponge cake.

Should you simply serve the cake as dessert, or should you offer to put the guests? slices into small boxes or bags for them to take home?

Try to make your preliminary decisions on these and other questions you might think of before you visit any bakeries, but stay open to their expert suggestions.

How abut making your own cake? Do you need some fresh wedding cake ideas: a recipe, hard to find supply or accessories? Click here and feel free to learn the best and shortest way to your favorite wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Tips

Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Cake

Work some aspect of your wedding decor into your wedding cake design. For example, bakers can create the lacy look of your dress by using pearl beads and frosting. They have the skill to replicate almost any other element of the decor with frosting.

You can also have them intertwine your initials with the groom?s in icing.

In Bermuda bridal cakes have a tiny green tree for a cake topper. After the wedding, the bride and groom plant the tree in their garden and watch it grow as their marriage does.

Add other edibles such as chocolates, fruits, or nuts to your cake or around it. Serve them to your guests with the cake. They will add a special decorative touch to the cake design and to the guests? plates.

Talking about being different: how about using organic edible flowers such as roses, oregano, lavender or chicory You can also use non-edible flowers for small bouquets to top the cake. Then sprinkle petals, cascading down the cake tiers. It's simple and elegant.